100-110CM Sex Dolls

100cm sex dolls for sale | small sex dolls for sale

Who doesn’t love to have sex with small petite dolls who are just the perfect material for sexual fun? The small body frame, the super quality of material used in these dolls make them the perfect partner for a sexually fulfilling evening. Fansdolls offers superior quality lifelike dolls in the height range of 100 to 110cm.

Manufactured using superior quality steel joints which are smoothly movable for any position you want and great cushioning quality with real life-like skin quality – Fansdolls offers the best sex dolls in this range.
All dolls in this range come with customizable properties like hair color, eye color, skin color, areola color, labia color. Fansdolls also gives you options to make these dolls with intelligent voice and heating systems for complete satisfaction. And guess what this height range is easy to hide.
Also, for more fun and to cater to our customer’s satisfaction, Fansdolls offers extra wigs, lingerie, and vaginal irrigator so that you can care for your doll for a long time and have fun with.

So look below for our wide range of all types of sex dolls who are just like real life and will cater to all your sexual needs.

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