139-150CM Sex Dolls

This category collects sex dolls whose body heights are between 139cm (4ft 6) to 150cm (4ft 11). The pretty popular doll types are 140cm sex dolls, 145cm sex dolls, 148cm sex dolls, and 150cm sex dolls. These sex dolls for sale start to look realistically tall (though they are a little heavy) and will make you feel like you have a real life amazing girlfriend.

To enhance your sexual experience, all dolls have a useable mouth, anus, and vagina; they are flexible to maneuver different sex positions and are durable to ensure long-term companionship. All these love dolls are made from TPE to ensure the most lifelike touch and feel.

You can purchase sex dolls as the picture showed or build your own sex doll by selecting the size, skin color, eye color, wig type, vagina type, pubic hair, fingernails, and more customizable options on every product page. Get your affordable sex dolls now! 10% off your first purchase. Free shipping.

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