161-167CM Sex Dolls

Sometimes the feel of a full-size human doll is what we need to rouse our spirit and have a comfortable sexual moment. The 161-167cm sex dolls come in arrays of different body customization and lovely fragrance. These sex dolls satisfy every bit of fantasy you have with its heavy rumble of boobs that stimulates your skin as you cuddle together. The massive in-depth size of both the vaginal and anus will comfortably stimulate your cock through with its soft and super stretchy feature. So, no matter the size of your cock or willy, you will have the chance of getting it in perfectly without being aggressive against the body.

The 161-167cm sex dolls come with material that can be either silicone or TPE based on your preference. Voice feature is also implemented on these sex dolls for a realistic experience of making moaning sounds. It is an adult sex doll, with gorgeous tits, curvy booty, magnificent facial appearance. No matter, what you’re expecting from full-size sex dolls with a size of 161-167cm, simple customization will bring that your fantasy to reality.

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