161-167CM Sex Dolls

Do you want to buy sex dolls that look like real-life people and have an adult full size? Congratulations, you have come to the right place! In this category, Fansdolls sex doll online shop offers various life size sex dolls for sales, such as the 161cm sex dolls (5ft 3), 163cm full-size sex dolls, 165cm sex dolls, and 167cm love dolls. All of them are made of medical TPE/Silicone and have very realistic appearances. Vaginal, anal, and oral sex are available.

This adult sex doll collection is very gorgeous: big tits sex doll, huge booty sex doll, sexy dark skin doll, long blonde hair sex doll, curvy chubby doll, small breast love doll… the options are really endless! You can purchase adult love dolls as our pictures showed or customize your own sex dolls by choosing the custom options on every product page. Free shipping.

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