168-170CM Sex Dolls

A realistic life-size sex doll means the most amazing sexual pleasure! Fansdolls love doll store offers various full size sex dolls with different brands and types. This real love doll category collects 168cm sex dolls, 169cm high love dolls, and 170cm sex dolls (5ft 6in). Perfect for people who like more lifelike sex dolls and have enough strength since these sex dolls weigh more than smaller sex dolls.

All these tall sex dolls for sale are made of high quality TPE/Silicone materials to ensure the real looks and real feeling. They have flexible bodies to meet your desire for various sex postures, and all vaginal, anal, and oral sex are all workable. You can buy life size sex dolls as our pictures showed or build your own doll by custom options on each product page. Free shipping!

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