The luscious breast equipped on the lifelike love doll is the first thing you will see. This busty real doll is the perfect lady with shiny black hair and a slim waist that sets her apart and makes her really special. This realistic porn doll is developed with the new TPE formula that offers a non-sticky and non-oily feel that also needs very little maintenance.

She is completely flexible and can easily move in a circular plane just like humans. It’s TPE material offers a natural, amazing smell which is possible as a result of its remarkable TPE formula. The highly realistic and detailed appearance provided by her ass, breast, nipples, and labia makes this real sex doll the best in its class.

We are already aware of the pain that accompanies swiveling the head of your sexy doll into its body which can also get stuck and undesirable to look upon. Therefore, we have created an amazing new head connector that will enable you to easily connect the head with its neck by joining them together.

It also offers an excellent pulling resistance, solid elasticity, extremely soft, and a realistic feeling. She can provide all sexual adventures from oral to breast, anal, and vagina sex with her built-in skeleton that is flexible enough to perform any sex style or pose.

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