SY Doll for Sale

SY Doll is made out of solid 100% TPE giving her the best body features starting with the curve. This love doll is known for her strong and firm boob along with a human-like soft ass that will keep you busy all day.
She serves a lot of interesting purpose than only helping you relieve your sexual urge, as she keeps you company with her beautiful body features that will set your mind ablaze. She comes with well-customized hands and legs that will make you feel the human-like sensation on your desired body part without restriction, due to her moveable joints.

It is sufficiently heavy and soft to move and cuddle with, no matter your desired position. With her average weight of 44kg makes her worth moving playing with. Julia’s vagina and anus are well trimmed with a maximum depth of 7 and 6 inches for an extraordinary experience. Therefore, if you fancy a big in-depth vagina and anus, then Julia will be your choice.

This sex doll can stand efficiently on her own with an added support standing features based on your customization request. This standing feature allows her to look elegantly in fancy lingerie and pants that will turn you on!

One more important feature of SY Doll is oral capability, as a result of having an in-depth mouth of 5 inches with a perfect tongue based on customization for proper sensation.

Additional information

  • Height: 5ft+ depending on customer preference
  • Weight: 97 lbs. (44 kg)
  • Bust size: 23 – 39 inches
  • Hips size: 20 – 23 inches
  • Brand: Sy doll
  • Joints: Moveable
  • Material: TPE
  • Customization: Boobs, Facial appearance, standing function, Vagina, and Anus.
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