TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls – Which is Better for You?

what are the differences between TPE sex dolls and Silicone dolls

TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls – Which is Better for You?

Do you know the differences between TPE and Silicone sex dolls? Do you know which material is the best and what sex doll type is more suitable for you?

In fact, one of the hardest decision before ordering a realistic sex doll is to consider the material of the sex doll, particularly if the person is a first-time potential buyer. Consequently, Fansdolls sex doll store has decided to relay some accurate analysis and comparison including the pros and cons, user’s experience, maintenance among others between the two types for an easy understanding which can guide your more reasonable decision making.

TPE Sex Dolls

What is a TPE sex doll? It is a realistic sex doll produced from TPE material. The TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is also referred to as the thermoplastic rubbers because it is made up of materials containing thermoplastic properties and elastomeric qualities. TPE can be more conveniently used in manufacturing by injection molding. TPE depicts both the advantage of plastic and rubber-like materials. One particular benefit of TPE is its ability to stretch to a reasonable extent, and also return to its normal shape after use, which makes it last longer and more useful for visible range than most other materials. TPE has the essential elastic qualities of rubbers and needs less or zero compounding. Based on the environment, TPEs do show exceptional thermal conditions and excellent stability upon exposure to different levels of temperature.

Over some years back, Manufacturers began to test a series of alternative materials apart from Silicone to ensure that dolls are less cheap without losing its high level of realistic qualities. In this regard, TPE has been found to be successful, and consequently, become the most well-known material in the industry.

Advantages of TPE sex doll
  • Affordable cost

While the cost of silicone sex dolls usually ranges from $2600 to $5500 based on size, the cost of TPE is relatively cheaper as you can get one between the price range of $1100-$2200 depending on the size too.

  • The Most Realistic Touch Feeling

With the soft, elastic, comfortable, and lifelike qualities of TPE skin, it has comfortably surpassed the Silicone material. A TPE doll will work naturally like the touch of a human being, particularly when customized with an interior heating system, and its juicy butt and sexy boobs will wobble when you rock your TPE love doll back and forth.

  • Lifelike Outlook

The appearance of TPE is nothing short of human-like skin. And as a proof, you can check our website or type “Realistic TPE Sex Dolls” on Google or YouTube to find out for yourself.

  • Medical-grade Hypoallergenic

One of the most frustrating events that can occur after the purchase of a sex doll is to realize that you are allergic to her. To save yourself from such disappointment, TPE is more advisable as it contains no hazardous chemicals that could result in allergic reactions. With TPE dolls, you are medically free to kiss her, hug her, and sleep with her in your bed with no worries of having rashes later on. However, remember to verify if you are not allergic to the water-based lubricant or the baby powder.

  • Odorless

If you are the type who despise the plastic scents which many sex dolls do emit, then the TPE is your best bet. They are entirely free of odor; and also, you can get her some pleasant water-based perfume which will make you want more of her.

  • Excellent durability

Due to durability, the producers of Sex doll favors the TPE over rubber or latex made. Because such quality is vital for individuals, who have ordered for lifelike sex dolls. Can you possibly imagine how you will feel having to get rid of your girl after developing strong emotional and physical closeness with her, merely because she can no longer serve your need? For this reason, it is pertinent to secure a sex doll which will serve you for several years. However, keep in mind that Silicone sex dolls also offer the same longevity as TPE.

  • Thermal Stability

TPE sex dolls are designed to remain warm evenly and for an extended period; Hence, you can stick to her for a long time, and yet, the warmth will remain as you want. Alongside this advantage, you can install a heating system which will make her exude a warmth feeling of 35°C- 38°C like a real woman temperature.

  • Flexibility in every free position

In combination with the tender and elastic skin of TPE sex dolls, she can be placed with little restrictions. You can also unveil further positions with her if you will like to enjoy some fancy styles – however, endeavor to switch her back to her stress-free state upon completing the advanced style with her to keep her skin tight and soft.

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Disadvantages of TPE sex doll
  • Stains Easily

TPE do gain stains with ease due to its porous nature. With the kind of TPE sex dolls material, stains can quickly spread around and can also be challenging to remove. Hence, it is advisable to be careful when having a romantic dinner, particularly drinking red wine with her; because a stain on her skin will take a substantial amount of washing to remove. It is advisable never to place your TPE doll on dark-colored materials and endeavor to cloth her with non-color transferrable materials.

  • Need to be maintained constantly

For the sake of your health and her durability, try to always take good care of her, particularly in areas such as mouth, anus, and vagina after usage. Or else, she would get stained or develop mold, and ultimately will lose her shape, durability and good look.

  • Quality can be affected

Due to the combination of several materials to make TPE, if the mixture is not done correctly, it can affect the quality later on. Hence, make sure you buy your TPE sex doll from a well-known brand either online or local sex doll store so as not be supplied a sham by low-quality manufacturers.

  • Heat sensitivity

While TPE can maintain heat effectively which make her possess a lifelike value, endeavor to check if the material they are made from is sensitive to high temperature. And also, make sure you keep her away from heat source.

Silicone sex dolls

Silicone sex dolls are made of Silicone. Silicone, also known as Silicon rubber, is made of artificial polymer material. It is a combination of silicone polymer, rubber-like materials – called elastomer – oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. Most silicone shows good stability, can withstand adverse environments with a different range of temperature, and non-reactive. Despite all these qualities, it always maintains the beneficial conditions for a long time. Many special grades of silicone are available, and the varieties of silicones applied for silicone sex doll do tends to be excellently resistant to heat, deformation, and pressures.

Silicone Rubber has been applied in many industries and for several reasons such as sex toys, sportswear, sex dolls, and undergarments. The reason behind the multi-use is that it possesses an excellent durability value, it is resistant to heat and lubricants, and can be easily manufactured and shaped.

Advantages of Silicone Sex dolls
  • Easy to Clean

Due to their non-porous nature, and stable qualities, Silicone Sex dolls stainless and are more convenient to clean, and sanitized in comparison to the TPE sex dolls. They can be sanitized without any worry about the liquid penetrating the skin which can cause damage.

  • Heat resistant

When compared with TPE sex dolls, the silicone dolls can withstand heat, stains, and water better on a daily basis. This quality is possible because their skin is completely non-porous. You can even relish a warm bath with her.

  • More Lifelike Outlook

realistic Silicone Sex dollsGenerally, Silicone dolls do have a more and better lifelike appearance in look, and body parts because of the firmness of the silicone material. However, this value was achieved at the expense of some tenderness and realism concerning her touch feeling.

  • Robust Body

The Silicone dolls are created to be more robust with enough body sturdiness to support their weight. In comparison to the TPE sex dolls, the silicone dolls can maintain her shape, and keep her weight better.

  • Low maintenance is required

Silicone dolls can hold her shape better and need less maintenance because of their stain-resistant value and non-porous nature of the skin. However, endeavor always to clean their anus and vagina after use.

  • Hypoallergenic

Silicone dolls hardly cause allergic reactions like the TPE dolls. For this reason, silicone materials have been used successfully for breast implantations inhuman.



Disadvantages of Silicone Sex dolls
  • High Cost

The cost of Silicone Sex dolls is way higher than the price of TPE; however, the bigger the size, the higher the value as it ranges between $2,600-$5,500.

  • Fragile

Due to its high level of rigidity, it can easily tear apart. While it is resistant against excessive weight, their rigid nature can cause damage when positioned in a wrong direction. Endeavor to stay off from yanking their mobile parts. To prevent some specific areas from getting ripped, endeavor to conduct proper care within 25 to 40 days based on their status.

  • More rigid and harder

Since silicone love does not have the elasticity of TPE, they are more rigid and harder when touched or held. When you rock your Silicone sexy doll back and forth, its booty and tits will not wobble as desired. For men who prefer soft breast, such level of rigidity doesn’t make them feel good.

  • Low flexibility

In comparison to TPE, silicone dolls are less flexible; and hence, it can be challenging to move few parts of their body as you please, particularly their arms and thighs which are mostly a bit stiff.


A simple summary:

Your Budget: You’d better choose a TPE sex doll if your budget is low. If your budget is higher than $2000, you can consider buying a Silicone doll.

 Your preference:

  • If you prefer to have hot baths with your real love sex doll, then you’d better choose a Silicone love doll. TPE dolls should never be exposed to temperatures higher than 40ºC.
  • If you care about the more lifelike face, you can choose the Silicone love doll.
  • If you enjoy the more realistic skin, you can buy a TPE sex doll whose skin is very soft and elastic.
  • If you want your love doll to try various sex positions then you should purchase the TPE love doll.
  • If you’re to busy to care for the doll, you can choose a Silicone sex doll since it requires less maintenance than a TPE love doll.

On a final note, we hope that we have successfully cleared any confusion, and made easy the differences between Silicone dolls and TPE dolls. Regardless of your chosen material, ensure you secure your love doll from a well-known and reliable seller. Endeavor to take a look into their credibility and guarantee policy before settling for any sex doll brand.

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